Russian Tea Time is the kind of classic, white-tablecloth restaurant that helps old cities age gracefully. The tea service includes over 30 teas and a spread of sweets and savories such as Pozharski croquettes and rugelach, while the vodka flights feature house-flavored black currant...

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The menu offers a surprising assortment of vegetarian — even vegan — options with delicately spiced and cooked vegetables creating colorful sides and entrees. Dishes originated in different countries with different flavors that once comprised the former Soviet Union. 

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Afternoon Tea is a popular custom around the world, so see how Russia has their tea at the popular downtown tea house Russian Tea Time. The complete service is another affordable afternoon tea experience for those of you who want the luxury but at an accessible price.

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Started by a Russian immigrant who found barely any familiar cuisine in a new country, Russian Tea Time westernises Russian dishes to offer authentic courses that extended to all the meals of the day – not just tea time.

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This is about the only Russian game in town, so if you have a taste for borscht, caviar and blinis, dumplings, stroganoff and stuffed cabbage, this is your place. Looking for a back-in-the-day dining experience? You’ll find that here, too. The dining rooms are old-world comfortable. As for the menu, the platters for two are a bountiful bargain.


Russian Tea Time Review

Russian tea — a blend of Darjeeling, Ceylon and black currant, served with cubes of white or brown sugar and thick slices of lemon — is only one of the many pleasures during a meal at this Loop jewel. Don’t worry: Dishes are carefully described and live up to, or surpass, expectations.

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